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TPS IBC Outperforms Drums

IBC containers - a reusable cost saving alternative to drums.

Comparing Drums and Folding IBC's

Folds flat to a 6:1 ratio for storage and shipping
Inbuilt pallet for safe movement by forklift
Stacks up to 5 high even when full
Takes liquid liners for hygienic applications
No need to clean after every use
Improves the yield of viscous products on discharge
No air ingress on discharge
Suitable for many hazardous products
Suitable for non-hazardous chemical industries
Used for small farm and domestic animal water containers
Used for water and beverage storage systems for people
100% recyclable containers
Available from TPS Rental Systems

Why change or add IBC's to your operation?

The advantages of using IBC's will add value at every stage of your supply chain, value for your business and your customers.

Health and safety:

IBC's are much more stable than drums and easier to handle with forklifts, making them safer for your people, suppliers and customers.

IBC's are easier to store, fill and discharge.

Financial benefits:

IBC's will remove the costs associated with buying and disposing of your pallets and drums.

Your product will be more secure, you will save money on labour, water and cleaning materials.

You will also save money in the 'on costs' of transportation and storage.

TPS IBCs include 250500 and 1000 litre options in steel, plastic and stainless steel.

Hire the best solution for your products, your environment and customers. For more information you can email us at sales@tpsrentalsystems.com or call us on 01299 253535.