"Making supply chain logistics as easy as IBC" ®

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TPS Rental Systems

TPS is a global packaging solutions business, providing IBC containers, bag-in-box liners, container fittings, filling and discharge equipment.

We have locations in 10 countries to service our customers local and international supply chains.

TPS has become a successful business because of our ability to provide solutions:

  • Budget and cost saving flexibility through renting or purchasing your containers
  • Free trials to demonstrate cost saving benefits to your business
  • Technical support through industry specialists
  • More sustainable packaging solutions, using returnable, secure bag-in-box systems
  • Competitively priced, high quality containers, fittings and accessories, direct from one supplier

For more information contact us, we will be pleased to help.

Our Mission

'Making supply chain logistics as easy as I.B.C.' Which means our customers benefitting from best value, products and service. Working with TPS you can expect tangible financial benefits for your business.

Today Our Product Range includes

  • 264 Gallon (1000 liters), 132 Gallon (500 liters) and 66 Gallon (250 liters) IBC containers
  • Steel, plastic and cardboard 'one trip' containers
  • Folding IBC containers
  • Adaptors and fittings, valves and glands for IBC containers
  • Aseptic and non-aseptic packaging systems
  • Liquid liner bags for use with IBC's and other types of containers
  • Filling and discharge equipment and accessories
  • Container scanning and tracking systems