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Autofill System

The autofill liner is designed to make filling and discharging your containers a one person operation.

No manual manipulation of the liner is required as your product is filled or discharged. The liner fills automatically in the same way as a rigid IBC or steel tank.

The Autofill system includes the IBC, Autofill liner and front filling retainer to securely hold the liner in place without human intervention.

A safe, affordable, reusable and environmentally friendly system.

The following three images demonstrate the TPS Autofill System. Where the container is filled as a rigid tank, where you have a fixed head position and the liner fills automatically without any operator involvement.

The following examples show the front fill retainer with an Autofill Liner in a TPS IBC 1000 Container. The TPS 500 litre container can also use the Autofill Liner system.

Please contact us so that we can discuss the technical aspects of the liners you require for your manufacturing process.

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