Totes, IBC Containers

Welcome to TPS Rental Systems we are a leading supplier of IBC Containers, Totes to rent or buy.

TPS IBC's come in 275, 132 and 66 Gallon sizes (1000, 500 and 250 liters), they are manufactured in steel or plastic. Our IBC's, Totes are used in the cosmetics, food and drinks, pharmaceutical, speciality chemical sectors and a whole range of niche industries.

We employ industry specialists who can help you choose the right Tote containers and associated products to fit your needs and budget.

Product range IBC containers, liners, bag in box systems, parts and equipment

Steel IBC containers

A robust 275 Gallon (1000 liters) steel IBC

Plastic IBC containers

Plastic 275 Gallon (1000 liters) IBC

Pallet IBC containers

IBC for non liquid products

Cardboard IBC containers

Cardboard 275 Gallon (1000 liter) IBC

Heated IBC containers

For IBC temperature control

Aseptic IBC containers

Heavy duty IBC parts & fittings

TPS Autofill system

Easy to fill IBC bag-in-box

Unifold 500 IBC Containers

A robust 132 Gallons (500 liters) steel IBC

Easifold 500 IBC Containers

Plastic 132 Gallons (500 liters) IBC's

250 litre IBC Containers

Plastic 66 Gallons (250 litres) IBC's

Liners for IBC containers

50 different liner options

Aseptic valves & glands

Aseptic IBC solutions

Heavy-duty valves & glands

Heavy duty IBC solutions

Standard valves & glands

Standard IBC solutions

IBC fittings & accessories

Adaptors for IBC containers

TPS IBC tilter

For discharging IBC's

Liquid liner bag wringers

For discharging IBC's

Stacking IBC containers

Space efficient IBC's

IBC delivery & collection

A complete service

IBC container tracking

Barcode tracking systeem

Cheaper than drums

Compare IBC's and drums

Folding vs. rigid IBC's

Compare IBC containers

Video IBC containers

See the TPS IBC system

Video IBC valves & glands

See our valves operating