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Filling and Discharge Accessories

The following are examples of our filling and discharge accessories for North American and European markets.

To view our valves and glands follow this link.


V50 Valve Body

V50 valve body: used in conjunction with the cutter pusher assemble for 2" membrane discharge.

2inch Male Camlock to 2inch BSP

2" Male Camlock to 2" BSP for connecting the 2" fill gland to 2" pipework.

V50 Pusher Cutter Assembly

V50 pusher cutter assembly; used in conjunction with the V50 valve body to push the crown cutter through the membrane for discharging the container.

S60 Female 2inch Male Camlock

S60 female 2" male camlock for pipework connections to the S60 front and bottom valve options.

S60 Female to Male Adaptor

S60 female to DIN50 male connector for adapting the S60 valve for pipework.

S60 Female 1inch Hosetail

S60 female 1" hosetail: for use with the S60 front or bottom valve options where 1" pipework is required.

S60 Female 2inch BSP female

S60 female 2" BSP female: for adapting S60 valve options to connect to BSP pipework.

90 Degree Bend S60 Female

90 degree bend S60 female: for use with the S60 front or bottom valve for discharging into buckets or pails.

3inch to 2inch reducer

3" to 2" Reducer: to reduce the from a 3" BSP flange to 2" pipework.

Female Camlock

Female camlock to Hosetail: designed to work with the 2"male camlock for filling and discharging pipework