IBC Containers and Tote Boxes

We offer IBC containers, IBC totes to provide flexibility and solutions to fit what our customers and their supply chains require.

These clean IBC containers are all available globally with liquid liner bags, valves, glands, parts and accessories. Steel and plastic intermediate bulk containers for liquids, speciality chemicals, foods, drinks, cosmetics and pharmaceutical products. You can find more applications by clicking here:

275 Gallon (1000 Liters) Steel

IBC Containers and Tote Boxes

132 Gallon (500 Liters) Steel

IBC Containers and Tote Boxes

275 Gallon (1000 Liters) Plastic

IBC Containers and Tote Boxes

132 Gallon (500 Liters) Plastic

IBC Containers and Tote Boxes

66 Gallon (250 Liters) Plastic

IBC Containers and Tote Boxes


IBC Containers and Tote Boxes


IBC Containers and Tote Boxes

Sump Base

IBC Containers and Tote Boxes

Cardboard IBC containers

Cardboard 275 Gallon (1000 liter) IBC

Heated IBC containers

For IBC temperature control

Aseptic IBC containers

Heavy duty IBC parts & fittings

TPS IBC tilter

For discharging IBC's

Stacking IBC containers

Space efficient IBC's

Cheaper than drums

Compare IBC's and drums

IBC Containers and Totes

TPS Rental Systems specialise in the hire, rent or lease of the following IBC containers and totes.

275 gallon totes, 1000 litre IBC containers

132 gallon totes, 500 litre IBC containers

66 gallon totes, 250 litre IBC containers

These totes and IBC's are designed for shipping and storing liquid products and ingredients. Combining a TPS tote or IBC with a tote liner means that your product is held inside a liner bag and a foldable container - this is a game changer for businesses not used to this system. A safer way of storing your product than in a container that has been used before and not cleaned properly. The filling and discharging can also be easier and more effective with a tote liner.

There are many products that are suitable for a bag-in-box or bag-in-tote solution. The following are a few examples.

Adhesives and glues, beer and cider totes, bio fuel totes, concentrates, cosmetic totes, creams or dairy totes, drinks and beverages, food and food ingredients totes, fruit juices and concentrates, inks, liquid egg totes, lubricants, meats, oils, paints, pet food and ingredients totes, pharmaceutical totes, resins, sauces

Industry specific totes

Product manufacturers, packaging and logistics businesses work with us around the globe taking advantage of a what can be a more cost-effective tote or IBC container, that can be folded when not in use to save valuable warehouse space. The liner bags are inexpensive and can simply be replaced with each fill.

Buy or rent your totes, IBC’s?


Packaging for storage and shipping takes cash that maybe you could use more efficiently elsewhere in your business.

Seasonal fluctuations and changes in demand for your products, may be a challenge which we can help you meet with a flexible fleet of IBC containers and totes, using a TPS hire agreement that enables you to invest in your business and operate in the most cost effective of ways.

Combining a tote and a clean liner is not a new idea.

There are many industries taking advantage of this packaging solution to reduce their costs, improve safety and have a more sustainable fleet of containers and totes. Our containers and totes are shipped across the globe.  We employ industry specialists whom you can speak with for advice on which would be the best tote and tote liner for your products.

Totes for liquirds

Considering drums, totes, containers and safety.

Let’s consider the safety of your employees for a moment. Square totes, IBC’s and pallet boxes, folding intermediate bulk containers compare favourably with drums. Consider drums on a pallet for example:

4 drums on a pallet, on racking when full of product being moved from one location to another with a man-powered forklift. Is this the safest way of handling your product? Do you have to use shrink wrap polythene to hold them in place and stop them from slipping off the pallet and onto an operator or machine?

One box or tote is a safer way of storing and moving your product. They don’t roll and they are stronger. Compare a single 1000 litre, 275 gallon tote with 4 drums on a pallet.

Tote safety

You can stack the TPS Unifold 1000 IBC container or Tote Box when full, as the next image shows.

  • 12,000 litres of product
  • stored safely
  • without the need for racking
  • taking up a small footprint

330 gallon totes

Product integrity

This is an increasing concern for many manufacturers because the cost of things going wrong can be disastrous for their brand and share price. Some companies have seen vast drops in their share price because a consumer has reported a contamination in the product they purchased.

Using a more robust IBC or tote can help you to reduce this risk, when you combine an IBC, tote with the right liner bag, filling and discharging valves, you are demonstrating your commitment to more robust safety and hygiene standards. Protecting your brand and improving efficiency at the same time.

Totes operation

Just one person is required to move and discharge a 1000 litre IBC or 275 gallon tote.

They can insert a new liner (with the correct valves and glands) fill the container.  Then discharge it at the appropriate location and remove the liner when empty, leaving the container clean and ready for the next fill.

And when it comes to efficient discharging

Wring more money out of your product with a TPS wringer, leaving the minimum of residue, reducing waste and improving performance.

Discharging, emptying and filling totes

IBC Containers and Totes to fit your needs.

TPS Rental Systems LLC specialise in providing the complete solution which as you can see includes totes in standard amd smaller sizes to give you the flexibility in matching the volume of your products to the needs of your supply chain. 

Most of our customers choose to rent the containers because this enables them to meet fluctations in demand and to deploy their capital more efficientyly in the business. 


275 and 330 gallon totes


You can see more about our totes on YouTube here