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Brewing Industry Container Systems

IBC Containers for brewers

The TPS bag-in-box system.

Many micro breweries are moving to bag-in-box container systems to help free up mixing and blending vessels for other products.

Safely use and reuse these containers by adding an affordable, disposable TPS liquid liner.

Combining high performance liners and IBCs as a bag-in box system will increase your supply chain efficiencies and reduce your costs.

The container can also be used to ship finished goods direct to bottling plants if required, with the containers being collected by TPS after use eliminating handling issues.

Free up your blending vessels for other types of products by using TPS containers to store on site or keep semi finished products until bottling is needed.


Benefits of using a bag-in-box system include:

  • Protection against oxygen, moisture and cross-contamination
  • Saving on all freight and storage costs
  • Saving on water, cleaning and disposal costs
  • Using clean and sterile liners every time
  • Easy filling and discharging

TPS provide over 50 different liner bag-in-box variations, steel IBC's in 250ltr, 500ltr and 1000ltr capacities.

Find out how IBC containrs and liquid liners can add value to your brewery.


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