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1000 litre IBC Containers


Choose the container that best suits your needs.

  1. The Unifold 1000 a very popular product for storing and transporting liquids in bulk. Combine this with a TPS liquid liner to lower your costs and achieve a more sterile environment for storing your product or ingredients.
  2. The Easifold 1000 a plastic IBC that offers similar benefits to the Unifold 1000.
  3. The TPS Plastic security container. A popular IBC for storing and transporting many products and components.
  4. The Unifold 1000 on the unique TPS tilter. A simple and cost effective way of discharging as much of your products as possible.
  5. The Unitrip, one trip cardboard IBC Container is an ideal way for transporting products when there is no return journey. This container can simply be recycled.

1000 litre IBC containers are by far the most popular IBC size. However, you will see that we also offer 500 and 250 litre containers.

For more information you can call us on 01299 253535 or email us using our contact page.

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